Selling Your Home - Click to Print FlyerThe Gerardi Home Pros at My Home Group Real Estate is a full service real estate team that has been assisting home sellers for more than 15 years.

With superior market knowledge and a wide range of services, our dedicated agents maximize the efficiency of your home sale by acting as trusted guides before, during, and after the transaction.

What Is Your Home Worth Today?  With the increase in social media and  real estate “guru” websites, everyone has a say in what your home is worth.  And, the home up the street may not be the best indicator.  In the simplest terms, your home is worth exactly what a reasonable buyer with a fair market price will offer, the appraisal will affirm and a lender will finance for it.   Market forces and appraisal values are the primary indicators of what a home is really worth in the current market. The very best – really, the only – way for you to know now, before you decide to sell, is to review your FREE market analysis – request your free report here.

Pricing Is Important  In today’s market, we have an inventory shortage and this condition carries with it an interesting buyer dynamic. Fewer homes on market means less competition between similar homes, that in turn can equate to faster sales for higher sales price. This can lead to over-pricing which may extend sales times and/or sell at an inflated price that will not appraise.  It can also lead to buyer frustration causing many buyers to pul back and take a break – we saw this at the tail end of 2013 in a red hot sales market… ad, we saw it in the late summer and fall of 2020. The best case scenario is timing the market listing of home priced within 2-3% of the optimal sales price. As your local experts, we will help you price your home with timing planned around that optimal point.

Does Hiring a Local Expert Matter  ABSOLUTELY – You’re not selling a car!  You are selling your most important asset in a location that is as varied from area to area as anything can be – where do you think the term “location, location, location” comes from? As your local experts we live in Livingston and the immediate surrounding areas. We are local PTO parents, volunteers, coaches, board members, consumers of local businesses and a part of the fabric of the community. We know where to get the best appetizers, what routes to take during rush hour,  where to find locally owned businesses and the intangible differences of the communities in our market.

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But, “I have a friend…  Everyone has a sister, nephew, friend in real estate somewhere. We have many friends in real estate, as well. Each real estate agent has a local of familiarity and business experience with a reportable track record in the MLS data that helps to illuminate the reality of their abilities. Selling your home is an important business transaction – perhaps the biggest transaction of your life. Listing a home is the easy part as the entire process requires local expertise in order to gain maximum return for our most important asset in addition resources and acumen for marketing, negotiating price and conditions, working through inspection and appraisals and getting to the closing table.

To ease your conversation with a family member or friend, express your concerns with these questions even if just to yourself:

  • Are they local experts available to showing your home at a moments notice?
  • Can they answer community questions without looking for the answer on Google?
  • Do they have local offices and live in the community?
  • How many homes have they bought and sold in the past 12 months…here in Livingston?
  • Can that rattle off 20-30 selling points about your home, the models in your sub, the benefits & shortcomings of
    your location, local services, historical pricing data, etc in 60 seconds or less without batting an eye?
  • Will they Guarantee you Full Marketing Exposure & a Lower Commission Program?

Simply put, your don’t owe anybody a living when it comes to your business – they will understand.  Take the first step to making a sound decision regarding selling – request a free market analysis and discuss your goals with one of our local professionals. We are vested in great results for you!

Start with a Free, No-Obligation Market Analysis
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