Howell's Best Values

Livingston County has become Michigan’s hot property in recent years. Situated at the intersection of 4 major metros, the county is coming of age for location, services offered, value and quality of life.  Noted as the states highest per capita income county and one of the fastest growing areas in the country, much of Livingston also has some of Michigan’s lowest property taxes with the townships averaging just ~ 23.5 Mils.  Explore Livingston and you will find newer homes, more trees, larger lots, lighter traffic and great local services.  And, at the center of it all is the greater Howell market which includes Genoa Township, Marion Township, Oceola Township, Howell Township and parts of Brighton and Hartland.  Below are just a few of the awesome homes currently on the market – they sell quickly here.  Contact us today to learn about the new listings and the shadow inventory of off market homes.
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